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Healthy Eating

Healthy eating contributes to the health and vitality of employees and can reduce the risk of developing chronic disease. A supportive healthy eating environment makes it easier for employees to make healthy choices at work.

"In a truly supportive environment, the onus is not placed on employees to consistently resist an unhealthy food environment in order to maintain good health. Instead a supportive environment provides the surroundings and conditions that foster good health and support healthy eating." - Ellen Curitti, MSc. R.D.

Workplaces can create an environment that supports healthy eating.

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Create a healthy eating policy that is appropriate and relevant to your workplace. This could include:

  • Creating a supportive environment for healthy food choices.
  • Encourage workers to take coffee and lunch breaks away from their desks or work stations.
  • Adopting an Eat Smart Meet Smart policy for meetings, conferences and events.
  • Ensure workers know about the policy.




  • Provide interactive learning opportunities such as holding a salad bar potluck or cooking skills classes
  • Provide healthy eating talks with a registered dietitian
  • Host a week-long Fruit and Vegetable Challenge
  • Visit Healthy Workplaces and sign up for the self-serve program to access the healthy eating module‚Äôs healthy eating challenge


  • Provide kitchen facilities (refrigerator, microwave and sink) for workers to make their own meals and a space where they can eat
  • Make sure water is available throughout the day
  • Provide healthy food and drink choices (e.g., fresh fruits and vegetables, water, milk, juice) at meetings, events and conferences.
  • Ensure healthier choices are available in vending machines and cafeterias
  • Visit Healthy Workplaces and sign up for the self-serve program to download a sample workplace healthy eating policy