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Tips for Choosing Running Shoes

August 20, 2012 by Marc Faktor, Certified Exercise Physiologist

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Whether it’s walking, running or playing sports, running shoes are an essential piece of equipment. Selecting the best running shoe for yourself takes into account many factors including but not limited to: current  health & fitness levels, current  activity levels, foot type, as well as sport and activity preferences (e.g. trail running, endurance running, hiking, walking, recreational sports, cross training etc.) just to name a few.

With all these factors to consider, I totally understand that it could be a long and confusing process to find the perfect shoe.A few essential recommendations:

  • Work with a professional shoe salesperson to chose the best shoe for you.
  • Know your foot type and have assistance finding a good match (links have been provided below to assist with this).
  • It's very important to bring old shoes in with you when looking for new shoes.
  • A good expert will use old shoes to look at the tread wear and pick the appropriate structure in a new shoe.
  • Think critically about what your shoe will be used for and have it matched to the activity of choice (links have been provided below to assist with this)
  • If you`re short of balance, ensure your shoe has a good grip and lots of support.
  • If you have ankle, knee and or back problems, consult a health practitioner (e.g. chiropodist) that could assist you in finding the perfect shoe.
  • Replace your shoes every six months or 560-860 kilometers.
  • Keep a mental note of when you purchased your shoes and track your distance in them to ensure you’re always in check!
  • Choose a pair you love and ENJOY!

For more information on choosing the right running shoe or anything else in this post please don’t hesitate to contact The Physical Activity Line.

Keep Positive, Keep Smiling, and Keep Moving!

Resources and Links:

ParticipACTIONS Blog - Choosing the right "TYPE" of running shoe Find the Right Running Shoes - How to Determine Your Foot Type for Running Shoes

Runners World - The Best Running Shoe For YOU!

Runners World - Shoe Finder

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