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Put Healthy Choices in the Spotlight

May 12, 2015 by Sophia Baker-French, Registered Dietitian

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Put Healthy Choices in the Spotlight

The psychology of eating shows us that we’re naturally inclined to eat and drink the foods and beverages most easily available to us. We also tend to finish the amount offered even if we aren’t hungry. In other words what we see, we eat. We can use this tendency to our advantage by keeping the healthy food and drinks we want more of top of mind.

Almost all British Columbians can eat more veggies and fruit each day. These foods provide necessary vitamins and minerals and health promoting fibre and antioxidants. Plus they taste great and are filling. Read more on what makes vegetables and fruit so special.

Here are some tips to help you eat your daily vegetables and fruit and to choose water to satisfy thirst without even thinking about it.

At Home:

  • See fresh fruit. Select an attractive fruit bowl and put colourful and attractive fruit in a convenient place where people come and go throughout the day. Try the dining room table, kitchen counter, computer desk or living room table.
  • Put veggies at eye level in the fridge. Pre-wash and cut veggies so they’re ready for snacks or cooking. Make them the first thing you see when you open the fridge.
  • Make veggies the first course at each meal. Use large salad bowls or serving plates to encourage big portions of veggies.
  • Put the salad and veggies on the dining table while eating. This way, you’ll see these foods throughout the meal. If you go for seconds, you’ll be more likely to go for seconds of veggies rather than the rest of the meal that is still in the kitchen.
  • Make water a thing of beauty. Put a pitcher of water on the table during a meal. Throw in some lemon, strawberries, cucumber or mint to add flavour and a spot of color. You can also keep a pitcher of water in the fridge at eye level.

At Work:

  • Keep fruit on your desk. An apple, orange or banana will add some color and appeal to your office desk and will encourage you to reach for the fruit first if you get hungry.
  • Pack lots of veggies. Fill a big take-away container (for example, a four cup container) with ready to eat veggies for snacks and for a side at lunch.
  • Super-size your water bottle. Get a water bottle that holds at least a litre. Keep it in view on your desk to remind you to sip it throughout the day.
  • Eat Smart. Meet Smart. Use this resource to help make healthy options the main attraction when organizing meetings.

Keep veggies, fruit and water in view and top of mind to help you pack in more of these healthy options every day.

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