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Public Transit Keeps You Moving More Than You Think

Public transportation has many benefits. You don’t have to worry about parking, you save money on gas, and someone else does the driving for you. But did you know that travelling by bus (either partway or the whole way) can have positive impacts on your health? Studies (like this one) show that taking transit improves your physical activity level.

Here’s a look at combining active transport with public transport, whether by bike or foot.

Cycling and Public Transport

  • Commuting by bike has a lot of advantages. Combined with public transit, cycling can be a practical solution for long commutes.
  • Bought more groceries than you meant to? Raining cats and dogs out? Running late for dinner with friends? Hop on the bus – it can help when your commute doesn’t go exactly as planned or when time is tight.
  • Participating in a cycling event, like a charity ride or triathlon? Take transit to the starting location to avoid road closures and the hassle of parking. 

Tip! How to put your bike on the bus. Always make eye contact with the bus operator before putting your bike on. And once you’ve reached your stop, tell the operator you’ll be taking your bicycle off the rack.

Walking and Public Transport

  • Parking your car at the end of the ‘Park and Ride’ lot, and then walking to the second (or third!) closest bus stop, or getting off one or two stops early adds more walking to your day.
  • Walking to stops and destinations, climbing up and down stairs (including escalators), travelling across transit platforms, and standing at stops and on full buses or trains keeps you moving. This helps with overall fitness and is another way to beat sitting disease!

How do you use public transport in your daily life? Do you view it as an opportunity to be physically active? We are always keen to learn new tricks! Give us a shout on Twitter @HealthyFamilyBC and @TeamPAL.

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