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Meaningful Social Connections: 2 Things You Can Do This February

February 7, 2017 by HealthyFamilies BC

Meaningful social connections: 2 things you can do this Valentine’s day

Valentine’s Day is not all romance. It can be a time to celebrate every relationship in your life!

Family, friends, colleagues and neighbours – at home, work, school and in your community – February 14th can act as a reminder to embrace and cherish each social connection.

Building connections with people enriches your life. There are many ways to build relationships. Here are two ideas to try this February.

1.    Connect Over Food, Fall in Love With Fruit and Veggies

Whether bringing snacks to the office to share, a dip to a pot-luck, a side dish to dinner party, or making a special home-cooked dinner, enjoying food with others is a fantastic way to spread the love Valentine’s Day (or any day!). Keep this simple rule in mind you celebrate: fill half your plate with fruits and veggies. Think veggies and fruit are short on taste? Roast them, grill them and spice them up. Try these ideas:

  • Sweet Treat: use mashed cooked sweet potato to create these delicious brownie-like bars. Click for Chocolate Sweet Potato Bar recipe.
  • Appetizer: put your favourite veggies on a stick. Try these Greek Veggie Kabobs.
  • Side dish: this Tangy Red and Green Coleslaw is tasty, colourful and ready in just 15 minutes.
  • Dinner: in this video, Chef Michael Smith walks you through a Cinnamon Roast Butternut Squash and Apples recipe.

2.    Make Someone Smile

Reach out to an acquaintance, friend or someone you haven’t talked to in a while. It could be to say a quick “hello” or share a joke. How about a cheesy greeting card? We made a few you can use! Share these with friends on social media or print them out.

carrot about youI am bananas for you

My heart beets for youYou are the apple of my eye

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