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How to Beat Holiday Stress!

December 19, 2012 by HealthyFamilies BC

How to Beat Holiday Stress

Guest Bloggers Stephen Smith and Julie Adams give us some tips to deal with stress over the holidays.

Stephen and Julie work in mental health promotion and mental illness prevention at the Ministry of Health. Their business area’s goal is to enhance lifelong positive mental health and well-being in the home, school, workplace and community.

Thanks for blogging for us Stephen and Julie!

Don’t look over your shoulder- it’s catching up to you. You can try to out run it, but the holiday season is here.

If you’re like us, it can be hard to find some balance amidst the many demands and clamour of the season. Between the eating, shopping, decorating, wrapping, caroling, visiting, baking and more eating, it can be difficult to find time to nurture your own wellness.

Here are a few tips to help you survive the holiday season:

Learn to say ‘no’ graciously - recognizing and accepting your limits will help prevent you from over-committing yourself

Get enough sleep - finding time to rest and rejuvenate will help combat some of the negative effects of holiday-related stress

Drink responsibly - adhering to the Canadian Low-Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines will help with no-risk or low-risk holiday season (and prevent regrets) 

Avoid overindulging - at least too often! Aim for offsetting a few sweet holiday food and drink indulgences with lots of healthy options to feed both the brain and body.

Set realistic limits on your spending - accounting for ALL of your holiday-related expenses, not just gifts, will protect you from fainting at the sight of your credit card statement come January. 

Be grateful - taking time to “count your blessings” can increase your happiness and strengthen your immune system 

Exercise - moving your body will help to alleviate stress and fatigue, boost your energy levels and give you a sense of achievement

Delegate - by spreading around the work, everyone will feel like they had a part in making the season special

Adopting even a few of these tips can help you shift from ‘surviving’ to ‘thriving’ this holiday season.You’ll appreciate it, and so will those around you.

Odds are that your friends and family would trade their “figgy pudding” to see you relaxed and enjoying your holiday season too.



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