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Hitting the Spot (Prawns)

June 5, 2012 by Kenton Delisle

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We all have things that we associate with different times of the year. Me? I associate different foods with different seasons. Springtime and in particular May and early June, means spot prawns! Delicious, locally caught, sustainably harvested, nutritious…and did I say delicious? All this just minutes from my home.

I used to muck about with many different recipes, until one day buying prawns at the wharf I had a prawn fisherman say, as he pulled the bag of prawns back from me just as he was about to hand them over, “one minute, no more,” with a very serious look on his face. I nodded  and replied  “one minute.” “Ok”, he said and he handed them to me confident I wouldn’t ruin his catch.

Since that time, I almost always enjoy their pure simple delicate sweet flavour unadulterated. If I’m lucky enough to cook a few batches through the season, I might sauté or grill a few, but my favourite is still the quick and easy “one minute” boil.

I love the freshness and variety that seasonal eating brings. It lets you really enjoy what the community, region, province and country has to offer. I’m not trying to sound all “at one with the planet” and overly romanticize local food, but there is logic to this approach. Not only does it feel good eating food that grows close to home, you also support your neighbours, communities and economies – win, win! What’s more, if you freeze or can the harvest, as my mom and grandma did when I was growing up in Alberta, you can enjoy the products of summer all year round.

Seasonal eating doesn’t mean you have to catch, can or freeze it yourself. Farmers markets are a great place to start and even our local grocery stores carry local and seasonal eats we can take advantage of.

What seasonal foods do you look forward to?

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