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A Healthy Hallowe'en

October 24, 2013 by HealthyFamiliesBC

A Healthy Hallowe'en

Do you find that Hallowe'en and healthy habits don't go together?

My childhood Hallowe'en involved running from house to house filling a pillowcase full of potato chips and candy bars. Luckily lessons on moderation (parent imposed and dentist approved) made my sugary treats last until December!

Hallowe'en (including the weeks leading up to the big night) provide a wonderful opportunity for the whole family, to be active.

Here are some ideas you may want to think about doing.

Ways to Be Active at Hallowe'en:

  • Plan a family visit to a local pumpkin patch. Walking the fields, while choosing and buying a pumpkin is an excellent way for the entire family to be physically active and spend time together outdoors!
  • Plan your route ahead of time; know which streets you'll visit. Aim to walk several km or take 10,000 steps. Pedometers can help track your steps.
  • Visit every second house. This will increase the overall distance you walk.
  • Climb-up stairs with your children; whether you ask for treats is up to you.

While children are watching out for ghosts and witches running around, there are a few other safety concerns to keep in mind especially since Hallowe'en involves walking when it's darker:

Safety Tips for Hallowe'en:

  • Ensure costumes are visible, use reflective tape, glow necklaces/bracelets, or flashlights.
  • Long dresses are a hazard (e.g., wizard and princess costumes), keep costumes shin height to avoid tripping.
  • Masks reduce vision. Makeup opens the door for creativity and originality.

Overall, Hallowe'en's a time to have fun!

To enjoy a few guilt-free treats this Halloween season, call the Physical Activity Services at HealthLink BC team (8-1-1) for resources and tips on staying active and healthy!

Photo: iStockphoto

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