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Using Social Media to Boost Physical Activity

February 19, 2015 by HealthyFamiliesBC

Using social media to boost physical activity

Social media can be quite addictive. That’s why I make a point of limiting my screen time so that I spend less time sitting and more time moving. While it’s true social media can take away from physical activity time, if used wisely, it can help get you off the screen faster and on your feet enjoying activities with friends more often.

I have found a few tools to make the time I am connected effective and efficient. Here’s how you can use them to boost your physical activity:

  1. Making plans: Send a quick Facebook message to confirm your active weekend plans or use MeetUp to find a group of similarly interested folks.
  2. Discovering new routes: Use a website like MapMyRun for new running loops or RideWithGPS for different bike route ideas with geographical information and elevation.
  3. Competing virtually: For runners and cyclists wanting a little extra motivation, platforms like Strava let you to record your workout through Global Positioning System (GPS) and compare it to your past workouts, those of your friends, or even professional athletes.
  4. Discovering new ideas: Curious about a particular sport? Looking for a new strength routine? Bulletin board type websites have thousands of ideas to help you find new activities. Follow our physical activity board on Pinterest for information to help get you moving.
  5. Offering encouragement: Give a friend from afar a shout out on Twitter or Facebook for completing their first 10 km race! 

Remember to use your good judgment with information found on social media, just because it’s online doesn’t mean it is correct. Learn how to separate fact from fiction when looking for health information online. There are many social media platforms out there, let us know how they help you stay active @HealthyFamilyBC and @TeamPAL on Twitter, Facebook, or comment below!

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