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3 Ways to Break the Spring Break Routine

March 11, 2016 by HealthyFamilies BC

Keep kids active and healthy over spring break with this advice

It’s easy to fall into a routine of increased TV, computer time, lounging and eating whatever is in reach when your kids are on spring break. But, with a little planning you can help your kids limit screen time, get outdoors, and eat healthy snacks over the break.

1. Limit screen time

Screen time is the time children spend looking at or using electronic screens. This includes watching a TV, computer, tablet or smartphone, and playing video games or hand-held computer games. It can become a habit for kids to go to the TV or computer to pass time. If watching a show or playing on the computer is important to them, try limiting their screen time and set a timeframe.

Get involved! Plan activities for your kids, or even better, with them. Talk about what kinds of new activities your child would like to try. Whether it’s a new team sport, arts and crafts at home or a day-camp, your kids will likely be more excited if they feel they had input and helped to plan.

2. Get outdoors

There is no wifi in the forest but your kids will find a better connection. In March, the weather starts to improve all across BC. Get your kids moving outside. Children between the ages of 5-17 should accumulate at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity each day. Physical activity can be spread out in small blocks that add up to 60 minutes or more each day.

Neighbourhood kids can play tag, a friendly game of basketball, or at a playground. Walk with your kids at a BC Park or go for a hike, explore, or even a bike ride. The options for outdoor activities are endless in BC.

Whatever physical activity they choose should make them breathe harder and make their hearts beat faster than normal. Many of these activities also help make their muscles and bones stronger.

3. Plan healthy snacks

Ask your child to help you prepare fresh veggies and snacks that they can grab on the go.

Make veggies fun. Turn broccoli and cauliflower into “trees”, raw carrots into carrot curls, and cut cucumber slices into flower shapes. Get your kids involved. The more involved they are in the meal prep, the more interested they’ll be in eating it too!

Try making pizza pockets, yogurt parfaits, veggie sticks and dip, cracker-wiches or Greek salad skewers.

Make the healthy choice the easiest choice for your kids. Breaking the routine and having a healthy spring break requires a bit of planning, but the memories will be worth it!

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