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Assess Your Company

Assess Your Company

Take 5 minutes to answer 9 questions and get your score.



Here are the steps:

1. Answer 9 questions to check how your company is doing on workplace health. Launch now.

The questions are based on a comprehensive workplace health model, which focus on health and wellness programs, along with issues around workplace safety and organizational culture.

2. Create a scorecard with your results.

When you complete the Workplace Check, you will receive a score of up to five stars, based on your answers. The results page links to the Ideas at Work resources, so you get ideas to improve your wellness program right away. Download a copy of the results for your files.

3. Take action to improve your workplace.

You have two options to create or improve your workplace wellness program:

  • Prepare your own Action Plan using the Ideas at Work resources. Explore the Ideas at Work from your scorecard, or return to this website anytime to use the resources. Just look for the drop-down menu at the top of this page.
  • Get advice on how to create or improve on a workplace wellness program from Healthy Workplaces, a quality program that gives you the tools and resources to implement a complete workplace wellness program.

Remember: You can return to the Workplace Check any time - why not try the Check in a year to see how your company is doing on workplace health?

*The services of the support line are available free of charge to BC businesses only. Businesses from outside BC are welcome to register for the self-serve option of Healthy Workplaces.