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Articles by HealthyFamilies BC

Lessons Kids Learn from Unstructured Play

July 8, 2019 by HealthyFamilies BC

In our era of cautious parenting, limiting unsupervised outdoor play can mean less physical activity and learning experiences for children. Learn more.

The Health Benefits of Hiking

June 18, 2019 by HealthyFamilies BC

There's a long list of health benefits from hiking. Learn how it's good for you.

Meatless Meals on the BBQ

June 3, 2019 by HealthyFamilies BC

Some of the best memories of summer are those warm evenings spent on the patio with good food and good friends. With summer just around the corner, many of us are getting ready to fire up our barbeques. Why not add some meatless grilling to your repertoire this summer?

Cooking with Plant-based Proteins: To Tofu or to Tempeh?

March 25, 2019 by HealthyFamilies BC

Plant-based meat alternatives can be a delicious and nutritious option for anyone! Learn more about ways to incorporate tofu and tempeh into your meals.

Canada’s New Food Guide: Where do plant-based beverages fit?

March 7, 2019 by HealthyFamilies BC

Canada’s Food Guide recommends plant-based protein foods more often. What does this mean for plant-based beverages?



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