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Walking to School, One Step Closer to Healthier Kids

September 26, 2013 by Normand Richard, Certified Exercise Physiologist

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Providing kids with opportunities for being physically active can be challenging for parents.  A major contributor to inactive lifestyles is the time spent commuting by car.

Despite your best intentions, driving your kids to school decreases physical activity time and increases sitting time.

Did you know that long periods of sitting is now being referred to as the sitting disease?Walking is one of the easiest and most popular ways to increasing physical activity levels. When asked, children, not surprisingly, would rather ride their bike or walk to school rather than bussing or being driven. 

For parents who are unsure about their children walking to school, October is International Walk to School Month. It focuses on safe walking routes, healthy behaviours, and environmental conservation. Check to see if your school is participating!

Walking trips of less than 1 km, help to achieve the recommended 60 minutes of daily activity. A 1 km trip takes 15-20 minutes, do it twice a day, throw in a few games of tag, and voila, 60 minutes!

Barrier's to walking like weather, and traffic can be solved with appropriate clothing, walking school-buses, and street-smart courses. Of course, don't forget the team at the Physical Activity Line (PAL), 1-877-725-1149. PAL has FREE resources to help you and your family get active.

So park the car, pack your shoes and let's take one step closer to a healthier childhood! Let's all join in on International Walk to School Month!

The iWalk program was created by international partners with the goal to "create communities that are safe places to walk." October is dedicated to walking to school. BC organizations, DASH and HASTe, are proud supporters of International Walk to School Month. Register your school in this program.

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