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Velo City Global 2012...Arrives in Vancouver!

June 25, 2012 by Marc Faktor, Certified Exercise Physiologist

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For those that don’t know, Velo-city Global is the world’s premier international cycling and planning conference. It’s a four day event, jam packed with great sessions and offers delegates from around the globe, the chance to share the best practices for initiating, developing and sustaining cities that are friendly to cyclists. A place where bicycles are acknowledged as a valuable part of daily transportation as well as recreation!

The goal for Velo-city Global 2012 is to make public & highlight Vancouver's awesome achievements, successes and areas for improvements as a “cycling starter” city. In addition, it will bring the European cycling experience to town which will provide real world examples of cycling as a primary form of commuting while highlighting the health, environmental as well as economic benefits of cycling.

Did you know that Vancouver is one of North America's best cycling cities? Here are some cool facts:

  • The City is committed to making Vancouver a cycling city & is developing its first ever Active Transportation Master Plan. This will form the basis for Vancouver’s long-term walking & cycling network plus policies for the next 10 years!
  • Vancouver has a vision of being the greenest city in the world by 2020 & two things are needed to do so.

A) Make the majority of trips (> 50%) by foot, public transit or bicycle

B) Reduce the distance driven by each resident by 20%

  • Over 400 lane km’s of bicycle facilities are available throughout Vancouver! This was designed to improve connections between offices, housing, shopping centers &  the beautiful parks & beaches.
  • The city is also considering other awesome cycling initiatives such as bike share programs and hosting a ciclovia (Spanish word for bike path).

If you’re new to biking & would like some tips on how to get started with active transportation, please don’t hesitate to contact ThePhysicalActivityLine.

This is truly an honour for Vancouver to host Velo-city Global, so as BC residents try to do your part in promoting safe, sustainable & healthy transportation!

Make a Difference, Be the Difference...

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