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There's a New Medicine Everyone Can Take. It's Called Exercise!

Using physical activity to treat and even prevent chronic disease, like diabetes or high blood pressure, instead of medication, has been getting lots of attention.

Recently, in the news, researchers showed that in almost all cases, exercise was just as good as medication in treating conditions like heart disease, diabetes or stroke.

What a contrast from the bed-rest and medication approach of a few generations ago.

Two initiatives in our province reflect these exciting findings.<--break-> In British Columbia, there's an initiative called Prescription for Health where patients with one or more of the following risk factors (physical inactivity, unhealthy eating, smoking, or medical obesity) work together with their doctor to identify a personal health or lifestyle change goal, which is documented by the doctor on a Prescription for Health.

The prescription lists a number of services, including the Physical Activity Line that will help the patient to achieve their goal and is signed by both the doctor and patient. Additionally, the patient may apply for a $50 subsidy which is offered towards physical activity programming, community centers passes, or nutritional counselling. Now that's an investment in your health!

When your doctor gives you a prescription, the dose and time of when to take the medication are on the label and the medicine is specific to you. Qualified exercise professionals at the Physical Activity Line do just that! We take into account your:

  • medical history,
  • current physical condition,
  • family and work commitments, and
  • yes personal preferences when "prescribing" exercise.

In the end, you receive personalized physical activity information, resources, or programs for FREE! This service is offered to everyone, regardless of age or previous experience by phone (1-877-725-1149) or email ( The best part is you won’t have to pick up your prescription at the pharmacy, we’ll send it to you!

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