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Thanks for Breakfast Mom!

October 4, 2011 by Kenton Delisle

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Advice from a Winner: Part 2

Last week, with our Advice from a Winner Part 1 Blog, we introduced Holly, our winner of the Groceries for a Year contest and her experience working with Registered Dietitian, Danielle Van Schaik.

This is the second in a four part series where we will be following Holly’s experience to see what insights she can share with us.

I grew up in a home where the question “to eat breakfast or to not eat breakfast” didn’t exist. We just grew up with the idea that you needed breakfast, any breakfast, to get your day going. For many, this is not their experience. Holly, shared her challenge around eating breakfast with us.

Like many people, she didn’t feel hungry in the morning. She worked with a Danielle (part of the prize) to find solutions and options that fit her situation. Together, they started Holly off in the morning with something small and  easy to grab so she could  get out the door quickly--like a homemade whole grain muffin, or a piece of toast and cheese in a pinch.

 We asked Holly if this new experience of eating breakfast has made an impact: “It’s forced me to make sure I’m eating three meals a day and eating more often… I’m not ravenous and making poor decisions at lunch.”

Holly’s insight is an important one as she discovered that the simple act of breakfast made a difference in her day overall. Eating breakfast in general is as important as what you eat for breakfast. People who eat breakfast are more likely to maintain a healthy weight, more likely to perform better through the day and more likely to eat a balanced diet overall. I would like to thank my mom for instilling breakfast eating as simply “what is done”.

Anyone that has been around me when I have, on the rare occasion, missed breakfast would also like to thank her as well.

If you’re a “Joe and Go” person, do yourself a favour.

Eat some breakfast.

Check out Health Canada’s online resources for some Fast and Easy Meal Ideas.

What works for you in the morning?

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Posted on Wednesday October 5, 2011 a 1:41pm

I'm one of those 'hate to eat too early in the morning' people too. But I certainly can't last until noon! I solved the problem by keeping a breakfast stash at work. I arrive early, eat breakfast, then get to work. The commute buys me another half hour of time, and by then, I'm ready to eat. There are some other great ideas for breakfasts here:


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