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Tend a Garden, Save on Groceries

How to garden to save money on groceries

Chances are you’ve heard people talking about the price of cauliflower lately. While not usually the subject of news reports, rising food prices have been getting attention. Whether the result of; droughts in distant growing regions or the falling value of the Canadian dollar, rising food prices are being felt by families all across the province.

Regardless of where you live and how experienced you are with gardening, there may be opportunities to lessen the impact of rising food prices by growing and harvesting some of your own vegetables and fruit. Although it may seem early in the year to start thinking about gardening, if you start planning now you can hit ‘the ground running’ when the time is right.

7 ways to kick start your own garden and save on food:

  1. Have a backyard vegetable garden? Boost its production by attracting bees.
  2. Short on space? Plant a vertical garden.
  3. Have a lawn? Turn your front yard into a garden.
  4. Have a sunny window? Plant some herbs on the window sill.
  5. Have a community garden nearby? Get on the list for a community garden plot. Contact information may be available at the garden site or on your city’s website (like this one in Vancouver).
  6. Have wild berry bushes lining a local walking path? Grab a container and pick along the way.
  7. Have neighbours with fruit trees? Ask if you can harvest the extra fruit that would otherwise be wasted.

If you’ve never gardened before, now is a great time to plan for your first garden. There are plenty of “how-to” gardening resources available for free on line. Here are a few to help get you started:

  1. Gardening 101: start up your own personal garden this spring
  2. Five ways to get your vegetable patch off to a good start
  3. The easiest 10 vegetables to grow

With gardening, a little effort goes a long way. The rewards will pay off at harvest time. You’ll get a great source of fresh vegetables and fruit and the satisfaction that comes with growing and eating your own food. If you’re a gardener please share your tips and success stories in the comment box below. We’d love to hear from you.

If you don’t have access to a garden you can still trim your food bill by choosing frozen and canned fruits and veggies in the winter months; and fresh items that are in the peak of their growing season. If you’re looking for your best nutritional value for money you’ll find ideas here.

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