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July 10, 2012 by Kenton Delisle

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What’s with all the buzz about kale chips? It seems I’m one of the very few people that hasn’t made or even tried them. I mean, how good can they be?

Don't get me wrong. I know kale is nutritious and delicious. It’s a common green in our household (with its long growing season - you can find it almost all year long in southwestern BC and from spring to fall in the rest of the province) but we typically sauté it and season it to match whatever we are cooking.

I love it.It’s a bonus that it’s such a nutrient dense ingredient, loaded with vitamins A, C and K and even a bit of calcium. I’ve always been partial to jazzing kale up with a little balsamic vinegar, onions, feta cheese and olive oil. But, according to everyone around me, there seems to be some mystical addictive power to these nutrient dense little chips when they are baked. Mission accepted.
Here’s the method I used to make our first batch of kale chips.

  • Wash kale - I used rainbow kale in this experiment – but I am told almost any kale type will do
  • Pat kale dry - a clean dish/tea towel works well
  • Trim the leaves from the stalks  - just pull them off in large “chip” sized pieces 
  • Drizzle a little olive oil on your hands and rub the leaves. This gives them good coverage while using less oil than you would if you drizzled it all over them (a tip from resident culinary expert, Andrea)
  • Add a touch of seasoning . Dry seasonings can be added to the oil before rubbing the leaves, or sprinkled after the oil has been applied - remember the seasonings concentrate as they shrink so a little goes a long way.  
  • Experiment with flavours - try a little cayenne or smoked paprika for a little heat, garlic or onion powder for a savoury hit, or use some of your favourite dry herbs to see how they compliment the hearty taste of kale.  
  • Spread the chips evenly on a baking sheet in a single layer so they cook/dry evenly at 325°F for 10 to 15 minutes. Watch that they don’t brown and “roast,” but just dry and crisp up
  • Eat!

Result.... they ARE all that and a bag o’ (kale) chips!

For real.

I really didn’t expect them to be such a tasty crispy addictive little snack. I’m now a believer. Kale chips are here to stay. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure, give them a try. You might be surprised by which family member dives into this crispy pile of veggies.

Do you have any favourite kale chip recipes, or other creative veggie snack discoveries?

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Comments (4)


Posted on Tuesday July 10, 2012 a 10:31am

Fabulous post, thanks! I totally agree, kale chips are surprisingly tasty. I also love this creative kid-friendly veggie snack that couldn't be simpler:


Posted on Tuesday July 10, 2012 a 10:41am

I'm also amazed at how popular kale chips are! There are no less than three recipes for kale chips at including one cute video entry from the first Hands-on Cook-off Contest.

hurrell's picture

Healthy Families BC

Posted on Thursday July 19, 2012 a 4:35pm

People seem to really love the kale chips!


Posted on Tuesday July 24, 2012 a 10:16pm

I love Lesley Stowe's salad recipe for kale ( I generally use the variation with almonds, and often substitute raisins for the currants, as this is typically what I have on hand. By the way, she recommends using black kale (not the curly kale) and this is important to get a salad with a nice texture. She says she can eat it by the bowlful. Me too.


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