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The Spring Cleaning Workout

Spring brings along two unavoidable tasks: taxes and spring cleaning. While the former might not count too much as physical activity (if you find a way to make it active please let me know!) the latter can certainly be a good workout.Adults need at least 30 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity on most days. Below are a few ways that spring cleaning will help you achieve this.

  • Low-intensity activities: light sweeping, dusting, gardening, or folding laundry.
  • Moderate-intensity activities: Moving small furniture or boxes, polishing floors, mowing the lawn, washing windows, or cleaning gutters.
  • Vigorous-intensity activities: Scrubbing floors and walls, moving boxes up and down stairs, or snow shoveling. 

Make a list of all the chores you do and categorize them as low, moderate and vigorous-intensity. Then spread your chores across the week and alternate between doing low and higher-intensity tasks to help pace yourself. Don’t procrastinate; put on your favourite music and get down to it!

Cleaning involves a wide-range of movements such as wiping, lifting, and pushing. All of which can help maintain or improve your muscular strength and endurance!

After you’ve completed your list, check in on family, friends or neighbours to see if they need an extra set of hands– you’ll be doing a good deed AND getting in some more physical activity! If you have questions on organizing your list or need more motivation to get started, call the experts at the Physical Activity Line (1-877-725-1149).

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