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So long and Thanks for all the Fish!

August 3, 2012 by Kenton Delisle

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While living in B.C., I’ve been very lucky to enjoy the fruits of a very bountiful food system. It has been great to be here at a time when more and more B.C. foods are being celebrated in the home, in the markets and in the restaurants.

The resurgence of an appreciation for food systems, local food production and cooking with “whole-foods” has fed the food geek in me in so many ways. It has also shaped my current food world - my perspective of what and how we eat and where and how our food is grown and harvested.

Thinking back, I have learned that I may have taken my food world a little for granted growing up. Eating seasonally was, well, just eating what was in season. Nothing sexy, just what we did. Whether it was growing, buying, picking or fishing what was in season, it was just what made sense. Eating “local” products was also a norm, but never referred to it as such. It just seemed to make sense to eat the foods grown around us, whether it was fresh new potatoes, a bucket of huckleberries or a side of beef in the deep freeze from a neighbouring farm. We often enjoyed the seasonal foods, preserving them.  There always seemed to be something in the fridge, freezer or pantry that came from close to home. Back then preserving wasn’t en vogue and on the cover of “foodie” magazine - in fact, I’m pretty confident this was long before the term “foodie” came into being. There just always seemed to be fruit, vegetables or even a little moose in a jar all year long (my grandpa made the best “moose in a mason jar,” ever!). Now, I get giddy at the thought of a home preserve of just about anything.

In my time in B.C I have grown from liking food, to really appreciating food.  Moving back to Alberta, I’m looking forward to taking advantage of what that region offers, instead of taking it for granted.  

"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be. So long and thanks for all the fish!" - Douglas Adams.

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Comments (2)

Wendy W

Posted on Friday August 10, 2012 a 7:32am

Hey Douglas! Moose in a jar??? Would love the recipe/instructions. We currenly can salmon using a pressure cooker... Would like to try something new. Thanks! Wendy

hurrell's picture

Healthy Families BC

Posted on Monday August 13, 2012 a 1:51pm

Hi Wendy, We contacted Kenton in Alberta. Unfortunately he doesn't have the actual recipe. Sorry about that!


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