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Smooth As Ice… Skating For Your Health!

December 4, 2014 by HealthyFamiliesBC

Smooth as ice - skating for your health

Nothin’ beats skating down a clean sheet of ice, feeling the wind in your face, and hearing the swoosh sound of your blades. Whether it be artistic, team-oriented, or fast and furious, ice skating is a fun way to stay active in the winter months. Here are a few activities for you to try on the ice this winter:

Figure Skating: Skating and dancing mixed together; give it a try! It’s actually a lot more technical than that, especially when it comes to landing those jumps. Lessons are always encouraged, but if you can’t commit to a lesson, skating along to music and taking turns playing judge with your friends is just as fun.

Ice Hockey: Whether at the rink or on the pond, keep the dream alive; you skate down the ice, deke left then right, shoot, and SCORE! And the crowd goes wild… Dreams aside, get some friends together for a fun game of hockey. You can join a league or, for a more relaxed environment, try renting ice time where you and your friends have the entire rink to play.

Speed Skating: Did you know that speed skaters can reach speeds upwards of 50 km/h?! If you have the need for speed then this may be the sport for you! Give it a try at one of BC’s many local clubs.

Ringette: Historically ringette was mostly a women’s sport, but today co-ed leagues are very common and the sport is enjoyed by all! Give this fast-paced, fabulous team sport a try to work on your hand-eye coordination and get a good sweat going.

Adaptive Ice Programs: Where there’s a will there’s a way! In BC we’re blessed to have inclusive options like sledge hockey and impaired speed skating. The future is bright with Skate BC’s long-term development plan for athletes with a disability.

Ice Skating: If all you want is to go for a leisurely cruise, you simply need a pair of skates and some ice. Don’t have your own skates? No problem, skates can often be rented at your local arena.

Slip on a pair of skates and experience the magic of ice this winter! Let us know what ice skating form you tried by tweeting @healthyfamilyBC and @teamPAL!

Always wear a helmet when ice skating or playing ice sports. Take a few lessons to help with safety, proper technique and enjoyment.

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