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A Smoke Free Home? You Can Do It!

October 3, 2012 by Shelley Canitz

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My dad was a big smoker. We took long trips in the car, second-hand smoke swirling around our heads. Later on, as we grew older (and our complaints grew louder), he would open the window a crack so the smell wouldn’t be so bad. Those long winter days also meant that he would smoke in our house.  That the smell of smoke ever came out of my hair is a wonder. Fast forward in time and a lot has changed. Offices, stores and cafes are all smoke free. BC schools are always tobacco-free - not just when school is in session. Smoky car trips with my dad would be a thing of the past - it's illegal to smoke in your car when someone under 16 is in it. We also know a lot more - we have proof that second-hand smoke is harmful - especially for kids, who can be exposed to the same amount of smoke as adults but who have smaller, still-developing bodies. Our home can be our castle and as parents, we want our children to be as healthy as possible - but it's hard if a family member is a smoker. 

Looking to create a smoke-free home?  Here are some ideas:

  • Start talking - let people know you’d like to make your home smoke-free
  • Think about how you would handle some situations - for example, a grandmother who has always smoked at your house or a friend who has a cigarette with coffee after supper
  • Take action - move your ashtrays outside;  post a sign on your door
  • Health Canada offers a seven step plan with some great ideas

Is your home smoke-free?  Tell us how you did it.

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Comments (2)

Louise Tremblay

Posted on Friday October 5, 2012 a 12:21pm

Hello to everyone My name is Louise I smoke for 40 years and I saying all the time it not for me to stop smoking I need my cigarette in the morning with my coffee until I go to bed at night in January 2012 I start to cough and cough I wake up the 30 January 2012 I was feeling sick I try to smoke but I was coughing to much I decided to go to the clinic I saw a Dr ands he told me it was a broncholist he gave a PRESCRISTION and a paper for Xtray for my lungs I came back home I knew I have to make a decision I put my pack and my HASTRY in my small REFRIGIRATOR the day pass I didn't smoke the 31 January 2012 I wake up my decision was made I stop smoking it not for one week or one month but for ever I put the pack behind I'm doing that for me and my Health the days pass I didn't smoke I went for my Xtray two days after the clinic phone me a Dr want to see me I went to the clinic I saw the Dr he told me I had a pneumonia he gave me another kind of PRESCRISTION. For ten days and see my family Dr after the days pass I didn't smoke I start to clean my apartement I wash my walls I paint and put some new tiles because it was smelling smoke the day I stop smoking my appartement turn in smokefree all the visitor smoke outside on the balcony today I m very proud of me I never thought I could do that quit smoking it was my first time and I didn't use any product I did by my self I did for me and my health I want to live I could live without cigarette but I I cannot live without my lungs the day I quit smoking I gave a wonderful gift to my health today it 8 month smokefree I'm so proud of me Louise

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Healthy Families BC

Posted on Wednesday October 17, 2012 a 4:14pm

Hi Louise, I'm so pleased to hear of your success of eight months of being smoke free. That is indeed a gift of health! Congratulations. Shelley Canitz


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