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Selling Fruits and Veggies: A Healthy Way to Raise Money for Schools

August 23, 2016 by HealthyFamilies BC

Selling fruits and veggies: a healthy way to raise money for schools

The Fresh to You Fundraiser is a program offered in the fall that supports fundraising initiatives at BC schools while promoting healthy food choices. Seasonal and locally -grown fruits and veggies are sold to students’ family and friends, helping schools make a 40 per cent profit which, in turn, supports the clubs and programs kids love.

What’s so great about a fruit and veggie fundraiser?

Well…aside from the money it can bring in, offering fresh produce as a fundraiser is a great way to promote healthy food choices to students and their family and friends. This increases students’ exposure, acceptance and willingness to try new fruits and vegetables. It also supports local farmers and connects the community to seasonal produce, grown in our BC backyard.

What kind of fruits and veggies are sold?

The BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation works with growers and industry partners in BC to source fruits and vegetables that are of good value to families and in season. You’ll be able to choose from two varieties of produce ‘bundles’ this fall. The veggie bundle may include: acorn squash, green cabbage, carrots, beets and potatoes, and the fruit bundle will be a 10lb bag of gala apples (great for making apple sauce!)

What can I make with my bundle?

Don’t worry if you haven’t cooked some of the items before. Delicious recipes using products from the bundles can be found at

Some ideas:

There are more great recipes featuring items in the bundles, as well as other BC produce, on the Fresh to You Fundraiser website.

How does my child’s school get started in the Fresh to You Fundraiser?

Schools must be enrolled in the BC School Fruit and Vegetable Nutritional Program to participate. Full details on enrolling in the program and fundraiser resources are on the Fresh to You Fundraiser website.

The Fresh to You Fundraiser is supported by the Government of British Columbia and private donors, and is rolled out in schools by the BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation; a non-profit organization that works to bring BC’s agriculture to students.

If you have questions about the Fresh to You Fundraiser, contact the BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation at either 1-866-517-6225 (toll-free) or

Author’s Bio: Christie Docking is a registered dietitian and the School Healthy Eating Manager for the Ministry of Health. She hails from the Kootenays, but now calls Vancouver Island home. She loves hiking, snowboarding, and exploring our beautiful province. When she’s not relaxing with her family, she can be found trying a new recipe or watching the Great British Bake-Off.

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