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Run or Walk Programs for Better Health

January 29, 2015 by HealthyFamilies BC

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Run or Walk Programs for Better Health

The idea of starting a new physical fitness program may make you feel anxious. Whether your goal is to complete a 10 km run or walk event this spring; to improve your race time from an event you ran last year; or simply to become more active, a training program can be a great guide and motivator.

Use WalkBC to find recreation centers with running or walking programs in your community. Or use WalkBC’s tools and resources to start your own program! SportsMedBC RunWalk is another good place to go for help. One of the training programs offered is the Aboriginal RunWalk Program. It’s held in First Nations and Aboriginal communities across British Columbia and involves 13 weeks of training with the goal of completing a 10 km event. The program focuses on three simple but important training tips, all of which can be used whether you choose to take part in a formal group program or go it on your own.

  1. Moderation: Start slow and work your way up, get to know your limits. Doing too much too soon can result in injury and prevent you from achieving your goals.
  2. Consistency: Stick with it. When you’re working out consistently your body has more time to settle into the demands of training.
  3. Rest: Allow your body time to recover. Try for one rest day between training days. Once your body has adjusted you will become stronger and more efficient. Rest days are a perfect time to stretch - especially any muscles that may be tight from previous outings.

If you want to start adding more physical activity to your life but don’t want to join an organized program, we have resources to help:

For help getting starting with running and improving running skills, check out:

Your body benefits greatly from being active – stress reduction, stronger heart and lungs, increased energy levels, a healthy body weight and an improved outlook on life are just a few positive effects of what physical activity can do for you. Call the Physical Activity Line at 8-1-1 or comment below if you have questions about starting a training program or for more advice on getting active.

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