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Reel in Some Fish-ical Activity

Fishing. It’s a great way to reel in the health benefits of getting back to nature and bring home a healthy dinner. But there is a lot more to fishing than just having your rod in hand and line in the water.If you regularly read my blogs, you have probably figured out that I have a knack for finding physical activity everywhere! Sadly I’m not a pro at catching fish, but I can tell you how to make your next fishing trip a physical activity success.

Get a Workout on the Way to Your Secret Fishing Spot

  • Hike. Many small lakes, streams, and river sections can only be accessed by hiking. Hike into one of these secret spots with a tackle box and reel in your pack and you’ll be building your fitness.
  • Paddle. Some lakes have unique bays where the depth and shading is just right for that underwater friend of yours. Canoe, kayak or row your boat into these areas so you don’t scare the fish with a noisy motors. All that paddling builds muscle endurance in your arms and core, as well as strengthens your heart. 

Stay Active While Waiting for Your Catch of the Day

  • Wade. Wading and walking in the water with hip waders promotes good balance – you’ll develop steady legs!
  • Float. Float tubes are small inflatable “U” shaped boats that you sit in and propel by kicking with flippers. This method of fishing will strengthen your leg muscles.
  • Reel. Reeling in a big fish (sturgeon or salmon, anyone?) will be a definite muscular strength workout! 

Safety First! Safety is a priority when you’re out on the water. Let someone know where you are going and always wear a personal floatation device (lifejacket). Don’t forget sunscreen and bring plenty of drinking water to stay hydrated.

Whether you catch a fish or not, a day out on the water doing these exercises will recharge your mind and energize your body. Tweet us your fishing pictures @HealthyFamilyBC and @TeamPAL; remember, zooming in makes your catch look bigger!!

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