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Physical Activity for Couples

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Now that the 2013 is in full swing, I’m sure that a good percentage of you have made a mental note or hopefully set a couple SMART goals to be more active. The benefits of physical activity are overwhelming. However, lots of us have trouble making it a habit.

Evidence suggests that setting goals and sharing them with others does wonders to increase commitment to activity. Last week's blog highlighted this and other great ideas to increase your motivation to take action in 2013. Taking it one step further, partnering up with a companion can significantly improve adherence, workout quality and enjoyment!

Here are some tips to get active with a partner of your choice:

  • Figure out a time of day that works best for both of you and commit to 2-4 days per week for 30-60 minutes. Consider signing a contract with your partner to keep on schedule. 
  • Walking is one of the best activities and can be very social. To enhance your walks, throw some Nordic walking poles into the mix or spice up your aerobic routine
  • Join a yoga class together, go once a week to the class and practice your moves together in private another 2-3 times per week. If you’re on a budget you can rent a yoga DVD or another active DVD from the library. 
  • Order a Move for Life DVD from HealthLink BC and go through the walkabouts and strengthening exercises together. 
  • Make a bucket list of activities and or sports you’ve wanted to try with your partner. Set a goal to try one new activity per week or per month. Some examples may include: indoor rock climbing, curling, synchronized swimming, gymnastics, bowling, fencing, crossfit, TRX.
  • Join your local community center and use the facilities and exercise class schedules to the max.
  • Go to your local park and get creative with the jungle gym (lots of push-ups, pull ups, hanging, dips, & obstacle courses to be done).

Looking for some support and financial assistance along the way? Consider asking your doctor about the Prescription for Health Program, get a health risk assessment and use the lifestyle support services.

Important note: If you’re new to activity call the Physical Activity Line (8-1-1) for FREE guidance to get you started safely and efficiently.

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