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Physical Activity Can Reduce Prostate Cancer Risk and Improve Outcomes

November 19, 2019 by Marc Faktor, Certified Exercise Physiologist

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Physical Activity Can Reduce Prostate Cancer Risk and Improve Outcomes

By now I am sure we have all seen a few extra moustaches hanging around the office, your homes and local establishments. 

This is not just an opportunity for teens to see how much peach fuzz they can surround their lips with, nor is it an opportunity for men to irritate and embarrass their significant others. It's an opportunity to come together, support a great cause and raise a significant amount of money to bring awareness to men's health.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, the campaign is called MOVEMBER! Its goal is to promote well-being by changing the face of men’s health and win the battle against prostate cancer in numbers!

There is evidence out there supporting physical activity in reducing prostate cancer risk and improving outcomes. This is generally a tricky question to definitively answer; however, there is loads of evidence to support that males who live an inactive life, especially in their mid-adult years 40-60, are at a significantly greater risk of health complications (prostate cancer included) when compared to individuals who meet Canada’s Physical Activity Guidelines.

Now what if you or a loved one has prostate cancer? Will physical activity improve survival rates? This is a much easier question to answer.

The answer is YES!

Researchers have shown that as little as 15 minutes/day can function to improve quality of life and reduce death rates in men with prostate cancer. Is 15 minutes all you need? NO! The research clearly shows significantly better health outcomes with increased levels of physical activity frequency, intensity, and duration!

Contact the Physical Activity Services at HealthLink BC (8-1-1) to discuss the best exercise program for you or visit HealthLink BC's Cancer and Physical Activity webpage for more information!

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Comments (3)

Gman (not verified)

Posted on Friday November 25, 2011 a 3:34pm

This sounds Great


Posted on Friday November 25, 2011 a 5:38pm

Found this to be very interesting

cpetelski's picture

HealthyFamilies BC

Posted on Monday November 28, 2011 a 4:34pm

Dear Gman and Lang, Thank you very much for reading and sharing your thoughts! I truly hope that this blog was able to stimulate some positive action! Please do not hesitate to contact the physical activity line, 1877-725-1149 or, if you have any questions regarding physical activity and or if you need some extra motivation to keep active on a daily basis. Keep MOVING! Sincerely, Marc.


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