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Our Top Ten Physical Activity Blogs from 2013

December 24, 2013 by HealthyFamilies BC

As 2013 winds down, many of you are thinking about your goals for 2014. Being healthier is at the top of many people's lists. Unfortunately, over the past 30 years, physical inactivity has increased, this has contributed to a staggering 25% of Canadian adults who are reported to be overweight or obese.

If you feel that you need to step up your physical activity levels, HealthyFamilies BC is here to help. We've gathered some of our most popular blogs on physical activity from this past year. This list is based on the most read blogs by our HealthyFamilies BC community. It appears that our readers were interested in easy and affordable ways to be active. Here's some helpful information to keep your health on track for 2014!

Top Ten Blogs for 2013:

  1. BC Family Day: Easy ways to be active on Family Day
  2. 5 Ways to Keep Fit at Home
  3. Physical Activity for Couples Tips to get active with your partner
  4. Sneak in Some Extra Physical Activity at Work
  5. The Positive Effects of Physical Activity on Grades
  6. The Benefits of Bicycling
  7. Mental Health Benefits of Physical Activity
  8. How Technology is Affecting Physical Activity
  9. The Bring Back Play Tour is Back 
  10. The Benefits of Keeping Fit at Home

Don't forget, if you want free health advice from a physical activity expert call the Physical Activity Line (8-1-1). Tell us below how you're planning on keeping active for next year!

Fast Fact: Canada's Physical Activity Guidelines recommend at least 60 minutes every day for children and 150 minutes a week for adults.

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