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Men’s Health; We’re Facing it Head On

November 6, 2014 by HealthyFamiliesBC

Men’s health; we're facing it head on

Now that November is here, it’s been feeling rather chilly on my morning jogs (but I don’t let the cold weather stop me as I enjoy it and know being active on a regular basis prevents many chronic diseases). Along with colder weather, this time of year brings moustaches to the faces of many British Columbians. What’s all this moustachery about?Some men may feel they have to “tough it out” when it comes to physical or emotional health concerns. Issues like prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health might feel uncomfortable and even considered taboo to talk about. But, with big thanks in part to the global campaign Movember, we are becoming more aware and open in addressing men’s health. The campaign encourages men to grow moustaches to help raise awareness and funding in support of men’s health.

Being in the know and talking about male-specific health is key in prevention and early identification. While my attempts at growing a mustache may be somewhat laughable, I do take men’s health seriously and urge you to as well. Did you know?

  • Testicular Cancer is the most common form of cancer in men between the ages of 15 and 29. Just like you shower and shave, take the time to check’em! We’ll spare you the details, but good instructions are available here.
  • Prostate Cancer will be diagnosed in one out of every eight men. Early identification and treatment can make a huge difference. Regular physical activity may reduce the risk of prostate cancer and improve the quality of life of those diagnosed.
  • Mental Health is just as important as physical wellbeing. Recognizing when you’re feeling low and seeking help is characteristic of a true man, most likely you are not alone in what you may be experiencing. Regular physical activity is good for your mental health, a great way to socialize, and improves sleep patterns. 

Being active is essential for everybody. What type of physical activity should you do? The answer is simple: the ones you enjoy. That said, I recommend aerobic activities – the ones that make your heart beat faster and lungs breath deeper (e.g., soccer or hiking) – as well as strengthening activities (e.g., pumping iron or helping your brother-in-law move).

Don’t hesitate to contact the Physical Activity Line (8-1-1) for comments, questions, or concerns about men’s health or physical activity. For Movember, join me and thousands of others in growing a unique piece of moustachery and talking to your friends about men’s health.

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