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May 10th is Move for Health Day

May 10th is Move for Health Day

During Exercise is Medicine Month, Move for Health Day is an international event created in 2002 by the World Health Organization to promote physical activity. This May 10th, communities throughout the province are encouraged to make physical activity a priority by finding fun and interesting ways to MOVE!

Here are a few tips to foster movement on this amazing day:

  • Schedule ALL of your meetings as “Walk & Talks”
  • NEVER take the escalator or elevator (you can last one day!)
  • Take stretch and strength breaks every 30 minutes
  • Lobby for & coordinate an office wide walking or sporting event
  • Walk your children to and from school
  • Hit the local trails before or after dinner with friends and family
  • Get off the bus 2 or 3 stops early
  • Actively commute to work (lace up those runners or pump up your tires and strap on a helmet!)
  • Have fun!

With support from HealthyFamilies BC, the BC Recreation and Parks Association (BCRPA) is taking a lead role in promoting this event in addition to providing valuable resources designed to assist individuals and communities in making it a success. For more information and resources, feel free to visit the BCRPA Move for Health Day page listed below.

PS. May 7-13 is Mental Health Week so check back for a blog on how to improve your mental health via physical activity!
PPS. Don’t forget to share your plans for Move for Health Day below!

References and Resources:
BCRPA Move for Health Day Website
Physical Activity Line
Move for Health Day Resources

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Comments (2)


Posted on Tuesday May 8, 2012 a 9:30am

Coordinated a departmental 2-week pedometer challenge without even realizing it was Exercise is Medicine month. And on top of that, Move for Health Day falls on my birthday. This was all obviously meant to be. ;) Thanks for the additional inspiration, Marc.

For the "Take stretch and strength breaks every 30 minutes" tip, I've always had a daily calendar reminder that pops up with "Stretch and blink!" when I get in that I snooze for 30 minutes throughout the day. Helps! (Yes, I forget to blink when I'm staring at my screen.)

hurrell's picture

Healthy Families BC

Posted on Tuesday May 8, 2012 a 3:08pm

Dear Clara, Way to go! Awesome job on the pedometer challenge and happy birthday! The stars must be aligning to ensure some great levels of physical activity for you and those around you this month :P P.S. Awesome job on having the daily calender reminder, I'm sure this helps improve your mood, decrease any bodily tension and keeps your productivity levels up. P.P.S. You're very welcome for any inspiration sent your way! It's always great to know that a difference is being made. Keep up the AWESOMENESS! Sincerely, Marc


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