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Lets Embrace International Walk to School Month

October 2, 2011 by Marc Faktor, Certified Exercise Physiologist

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October is International Walk to School Month (iwalk)!

Let’s embrace this opportunity for yourself, your family, and your community by taking advantage of all the great opportunities.

Why International Walk to School Month? iwalk is way more than putting your runners on and taking the kids for a leisurely walk to school. It provides a valuable opportunity for education through experience that promotes long lasting community change throughout the world.

WOW this is awesome!

 Here are some of the iwalk Goals: Goal 1: Promote health through physical activity.

  • iwalk events teach children how to walk safely, identify safe walking routes, as well as provide opportunity for health education on the benefits of walking (check out one of my previous blogs for the health benefits of walking).
  • Fun Fact: Parents physical activity behaviours are a significant influence on their children’s. Use this month to promote walking to school as a method to improve your children’s current health and PREVENT future health complications.
  • Old Chinese Proverb: Take 99 steps after breakfast and you will live to be 100!

Goal 2: Raise community awareness of the current walkability of the community and any enhancements that may need to be made. Check out some of the walking trails and paths in your community.

  • Fun Fact: Walkability indices are significantly correlated to certain health parameters (e.g. Body Mass Index, BMI) of the residents. This being said, a more walkable community leads to more activity and by default healthier residents!

Goal 3: Raise concern for the environment.

  • The route to school offers very valuable time to discuss the surrounding nature and teach children how to understand the environmental benefits of walking and the environmental hazards of fuel combustion.

Goal 4: Reduce crime and take back neighbourhoods for people on foot. Goal 5: Reduce traffic congestion, pollution, and speed near schools. Goal 6:  Share valuable time with local community leaders, parents, and children. My challenge to you: Embrace iwalk and share your experience with the Healthy Families BC Community below! PS. The Physical Activity Line will also be starting an iwalk discussion forum on their facebook pageso check in at the beginning of the month! Resources:

Keep Positive, Keep Smiling, and Keep MOVING! Sincerely, Marc Faktor.

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