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Let’s Dive into Water Activities

July 24, 2019 by HealthyFamilies BC

BC is a water lover’s paradise, from Lake Okanagan to Williston Lake to the Pacific Ocean; we have more than enough water to keep cool and entertained this summer. Given warmer temperatures, being active and having fun in and on the water becomes an attractive option, so grab your swimsuit, put on your sunscreen, and have a look at these three popular water based activities!

Safety First

Always make safety a priority when playing in and around water. Safety equipment, supervision, and having a sufficient level of skill should always be top of mind.

  1. Stand up paddle-boarding (SUP): This new trend is a cross between surfing and paddling a canoe. Basically, you stand on a surfboard and use a paddle to move around, or towards waves if you’re surfing. Wear a lifejacket and consider a wetsuit (a tight neoprene suit that keeps you warm) if the temperature is colder. This activity is a great way to work on balance and abdominal/core stability.
  2. Kayaking: Initially invented by the First Nations for transportation and fishing, kayaking has evolved substantially and can be enjoyed by most. Beginner boats have a wide bottom for stability, and some have a “sit on top” design for those feeling uneasy slipping into a kayak. For paddling, the trick is to use your abdominal/core muscles to rotate your torso, as opposed to using just your arms. Read these kayaking safety tips and don’t forget to secure your sunglasses!
  3. Swimming: Whether you’re racing the clock in the pool or playing a game of “Marco-Polo” with friends at the beach, being in the water provides a low impact activity that’s good for the heart and lungs, and is big on fun! We suggest being in a lifeguard supervised area and having a background in swimming or lifesaving skills.

Remember to be safe and have fun this summer. Visit us on Facebook and tell about your great water based active summer plans.

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