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Hydration During the Heat

keeping hydrated, summer heat

It’s slowly starting to feel more like summer, which means there are many more opportunities to get outside and play! To me, there’s no better feeling than seeing our beautiful trails, parks, jungle gyms, and sea walls being used by loads of people throughout the day.

Regardless of your planned summer outdoor adventure one thing that’s an essential item on the inventory list is water, and other forms of hydration.Headaches, lack of concentration, irritability, high pulse rate, and extreme thirst are all signs of dehydration and they should not be taken lightly

Important Note: One should never be thirsty or else their body is already in a state of dehydration. The body needs an adequate level of hydration to function optimally and decrease the stress on our vital organs. When we bring activity into the mix hydration becomes even more important.

A great publication produced by CSEP and the Dairy Farmers of Canada outlines the importance of hydration and provides guidelines for active Canadian’s. It’s called Fluid for Active Canadians: Are you Getting Enough? I encourage you to go through this with your friends and family.

Another great resource on hydration & exercise in the heat can be found on HealthyFamilies BC’s: I Hope My Mom Brings The Oranges.

If you have any other questions relating to hydration and or exercise please contact the Physical Activity Line and/or Dietitian Services at Health Link BC (dial 8-1-1)

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