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How to Work Out Without Overheating

The sun and hot temperatures we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived! Being physically active in the heat requires a little extra consideration, but keeping cool is easier than you think; consider the following:

  • If you must be active during the hottest period of the day (11:00 AM to 3:00 PM), pacing yourself, taking breaks in shaded areas, wearing a hat, and drinking plenty of water will help. The South Americans know how to do it, noontime siesta anyone??
  • Keep in mind that, initially, you may not be able to achieve the same intensity/duration you were previously used too. For example, your typical running pace may be on the slower side for a few weeks. But things should get back to normal as your body adjusts to the heat.
  • Sweating is not to be feared; think of it as a very efficient way your body cools itself. Think of your car, when the motor is working hard the engine fan keeps it cool. Staying hydrated, especially when sweating, is important!! Another tip is to wear light coloured and breathable fabrics.
  • And remember what your mom told you; wear sunscreen!

Heat illnesses such as heat stroke and heat stress are serious and need to be dealt with swiftly.

Other means to beat the heat, include water based activities, being active in an air conditioned environment (mall walking, fitness center), and my personal favourite, fruit-pops!!

The staff at the Physical Activity Line understand how the body reacts exercising in hot environments. Give us a call for FREE at 1-877-725-1149 for more information.

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