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How Music Impacts Your Workout

working out to music, reduce stress, improve your health

Music is a great way to brighten almost any situation and has been known to put smiles on people’s faces throughout the world.

Research suggests that music can: reduce stress, improve chronic disease management, decrease depression & anxiety, change our perceptions, and is well known for its powerful ability to help us sit less, and move more!

Being a physical activity junky, I find myself doing something each and every day to improve my health and fitness. It doesn't matter if I’m standing at my desk, doing my daily calisthenics (e.g. push-ups, pull-ups & squats), or hitting the trails with my Nordic Poles; I just seem to have way more enjoyment and push harder when the tunes are going.

Specific to physical activity and performance in sport, there’s evidence to suggest that music improves our focus “it gets us in the zone”, it allows us to push harder, reduces our feelings of exertion, and helps increase the enjoyment of the activity at hand!

The key thing is to choose music that you love and music that excites YOU! This will help you enjoy and improve your workout.

If you’re low on music choices there are plenty of FREE options available that provide hours of music at your fingertips. By now I am sure most of you have a smartphone, Ipod, mp3 player, or computer so there are many options.

Podcasts, Songza, and SoundCloud are a few places where I go to get some great tunes that help take my workout to the next level. I’m interested to hear where you get your tunes that give you that extra burst?

SAFETY FIRST: DO NOT WEAR HEADPHONES WHILE ON A BIKE OR WHILE CLOSE TO TRAFFIC. This is dangerous and against the law in parts of BC (e.g. Victoria). BE SAFE AND HAVE FUN!

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