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Full Fridge No Plan

October 11, 2011 by Kenton Delisle

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Advice from a Winner: Part 3

I’m a “fly by the seat of my pants” kind of person when it comes to mealtime.

This works great until I realize something needs to be defrosted (or I don’t have the ingredients I need) and I am already feeling “hangry” (angry from hunger... spread the word!).

My crafty culinary co-workers (Dean and Andrea) have suggested that planning meals ahead of time could add creativity and meal variety. The thought of taking the time to visit my cookbooks is appealing. Very appealing.

This is a convincing argument. Meal planning has made a difference for Holly McLennan, our recent HFBC contest winner. She used to struggle with cooking on weekdays.  Holly talked about that moment in front of the fridge as the point of indecision: “We were exhausted from a hard day at work and we would go home and look at the fridge and [then] go out to eat.” Registered Dietitian, Danielle Van Schaik worked with Holly to reduce her struggle with meal planning so that she can make more meals at home and reduce the frequency of eating out.

 Now, Holly creates a weekly plan of meals that her family enjoys and then makes a grocery list so she can hit the store prepared.

“The biggest change is we’re planning for the entire week…now, I’m taking leftovers for lunch and planning things a bit better.”  Holly noted that she and her family are not only enjoying their homemade meals, they also feel like they have more control over what they are eating, which makes it easier to incorporate lower sodium heart-healthy choices (one of their personal goals).

Ok, I have no excuse. I am going to have to test drive a planning routine. Worst case scenario is I get to have a little more fun in the kitchen and have a boost in meal variety and quality.  If this kicks in a few more lunches sans sandwiches, I will be a very happy boy.

I think I’ll try Better Together’s planning tips and tools as a start.

What has worked for you in your meal planning?

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Comments (1)


Posted on Wednesday October 12, 2011 a 11:18am

Great blog! I cook meals ahead of time and freeze them. Saves me time during the week.


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