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Four Cooks and a Laugh

December 8, 2011 by Andrea Godfreyson, Registered Dietitian

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Four Cooks and a Laugh

I don't know about you but when the wind is howling outside and the rain is coming down, I just want to stay cozy indoors…and eat warm delicious food of course. I still want to socialize but I'm in serious saving mode for the holidays.

My friend is a genius.

We had plans to go out this past weekend but the weather was miserable so she suggested we stay inside and cook instead. I thought I was dreaming as the thought of getting to cook with (and not just for!) other people was very appealing.

I grabbed my cookbooks off the shelf and after salivating over a bunch of different Indian dishes, we made grocery lists of the items we didn't already have and quickly grabbed them at a nearby grocer. Safely warm and dry at her place, we headed for the kitchen.

The great thing about cooking together is that no one person feels like they are doing too much work. Everyone gets to spend time together, while sharing in the production and eating of some great food. My friend roasted the spices. Her fiancé assumed the role of snack and beverage host. Another friend stopped over and was handed a cutting board and knife before he could even take off his shoes.

I stayed warm by the stove.

A couple of hours (and a lot of laughs) later, we had a mouth-watering Indian inspired meal of chicken curry, eggplant and tomato curry, brown basmati rice and homemade naan bread. It was delicious and not just because we were hungry! After the photo ops, high fives and back pats, there was consensus that we'd had a lot of fun and a delicious healthy meal for little money. The only part we still needed to work out was the dishes…

Cooking together is a way to spend quality time with friends and family, save money and eat well. With the glow of the holidays brightening, there will undoubtedly be some celebratory meals eaten out in my future. In the meantime, this tried and true strategy of cooking together at home helps keep nourishing meals in focus while staying connected.

Who's in for a homemade ravioli night?!

~ Andrea

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Comments (3)


Posted on Friday December 9, 2011 a 11:03pm

I enjoy cooking with friends too. We turn on the music and have a blast. Homemade ravioli sounds good.


Posted on Saturday December 10, 2011 a 12:20pm

Went for a four day trip to Whistler. A fab group of friends chipped in to cook every single meal, except for one lunch out. Delicious and inexpensive, not to mention 'healthy'!


Posted on Monday December 12, 2011 a 10:31am

I agree, cooking with friends is a blast -- doesn't seem like work at all.


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