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An Easy Way to Plan for Healthy Active Retirement

February 3, 2016 by HealthyFamilies BC

aging well tools for healthy retirement

When do you really enjoy planning?

I love planning travel – looking up new places, reading reviews of where to go and what to do or finding the best deals on flights. Sometimes making the plans and the excitement of anticipation is as enjoyable as taking the trip.

On the other hand, planning an event like a holiday dinner can be stressful – making sure all the little details are in order, doing as much ahead of time as possible or finding an extra chair when your cousin arrives with a date. It doesn’t begin to feel good until sometime near the end when you can finally relax.

Planning for retirement can be a little of both stress and enjoyment.

The fun part is imagining countless days of freedom - dreaming about travel to exotic locales, baking cookies and creating memories with grandchildren or re-discovering creative talent you haven’t had the time for.

The hard part is getting things in order so you can retire.

When your days are chock full of work, chores, dealing with your teenage or young adult children and feeling the need to be there for aging parents, there’s not much time left to work out plans for a still distant future.

Aging Well is a tool kit to help you learn about choices and decisions to give yourself the best possible chance to stay healthy and active and do what you want in retirement.

It was designed for people age 50+ with information and tools to help you learn and plan for health and wellness, housing, transportation, finances and staying connected – areas which are all important when it comes to being healthy when you retire and as you transition to later life.

There are inspirational videos of five British Columbians who share their experiences and thoughts about what healthy aging means to them.

Aging well can help you plan and avoid worries about the future by having a clearer map of what lies ahead. Like every great adventure, planning ahead won’t spoil new discoveries you make along the way. It can help you be prepared and know your choices ahead of time so you can look forward to and enjoy your aging journey.

Author’s Bio: Doni Eve is a manager in the Ministry of Health, Population and Public Health Division. Among other projects, her work has involved creating tools and programs to support healthy aging.

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