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Doctors of BC Walk the Talk

In my experience, visits to the doctor can involve lots of sitting. Sitting in the car as you drive over, sitting in the waiting room and the examination room, then back to sitting in the car as you drive home. Wow, that’s a lot of sitting! Thankfully, B.C. doctors are bringing attention to the benefits of sitting less and moving more.The 5th annual Walk with your Doc event takes place from May 3-11, with doctors from all corners of the province stepping out in support of the simple yet effective health benefits of walking. From Abbotsford to Pemberton and Kitkatla to Denman Island doctors are encouraging their patients to join them for a stroll.

Walking can easily be incorporated into your day-to-day routine; this can be errands, walking for fitness, taking the stairs, or active transportation to work. The point being, EVERY STEP COUNTS! By leading a healthy active lifestyle you will experience better health and life quality in the long run.

Chances are your family doctor won’t be able to take a walk with you on every visit. So why not take this opportunity to connect outside of the clinic?! Then, next time you visit the clinic, (if you’re feeling up to it) look for ways to replace some of the sitting with some walking.

  • Park your car a little further.
  • Find out how long your wait will be and use that time to sneak out for a quick stroll.

If you need additional help or ideas on ways to increase the amount of physical activity in your day or have special considerations, give the qualified exercise professionals at the Physical Activity Line (1-877-725-1149) a call for FREE support.

To see if your community has a walk scheduled check out the full list here.

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