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Discover a New Hobby with Try-It Days

November 20, 2014 by HealthyFamiliesBC

Discover a new hobby with Try-It Days

From November 22-29, communities all over BC will be hosting Try-It Days; a weeklong celebration of community sport and recreation. Clubs, local arenas and community centres will open their doors to give free workshops on their sport to those who’ve never had the opportunity to “try it”.Try-It Days are a great time to get out and celebrate the power of sport. There are a lot of ways you can be a part of it – parade around in your favourite sport jersey on Jersey Day November 28, or join in the fifth annual celebration of Sports Day in Canada on November 29. No matter your age, Try-It Days are a great way to be active and discover something new:

  • Kids: Exploring is one of the joys of childhood. Do you remember the first time you put on ice skates, caught your first fly ball, or took those first few pedals without training wheels? Try-It Days are the perfect time for kids to discover the magic of sport, meet new friends, and foster a lifelong habit of physical activity.
  • Teens: the teen years are filled with new responsibilities, additional workloads, and yes puberty. Being active and engaging in sport is a great way for teens to de-stress, keep fit and make new friends.
  • Adults: In my experience, it’s easier to get moving and keep moving if you find an activity that interests you, one that you look forward to doing or are excited about. Think of Try-It Days as shopping for a workout or sport; you’ll have an opportunity to “try on” a bunch of different activities over a short period of time to find the right fit (but without the credit card bills). 

What activity do you want to try? We’re excited to hear about what you discovered on Try-It Days. Send us a tweet @healthyfamilybc and @teampal!

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