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Circuit Training

November 28, 2011 by Marc Faktor, Certified Exercise Physiologist

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Circuit Training

We are all busy, stressed for time and constantly looking for ways to optimize our workouts. One method of training that I love and have done for years is circuit training. The purpose of these next couple blogs will be to introduce you to circuit training, highlight the benefits and go through a couple examples of what a typical circuit should look like. What is circuit training?

Circuit training is a combination of both resistance training and endurance exercise in one simple program. In a typical circuit, exercisers will move around a room or gym in a predetermined pattern going from station to station without resting much in between (e.g. walk to the water fountain and back is sufficient rest).

Each station will consist of an exercise with relatively lightweight and high repetitions. The goal of the circuit should be to complete it at a fast yet comfortable and safe pace. As the exerciser gets accustomed to completing a circuit and it is no longer challenging, the repetitions and the weights at each station can be increased.  By not resting between exercises, the circuit takes on a strong aerobic component, as the exerciser has not fully caught their breath from the previous station by the time they are starting the next station.

Circuit training is particularly good for those exercisers who have tight schedules. This is why many new gyms such as “Curves” have been very successful in helping people lose weight without a serious time commitment.

Check out my next blog to see what a typical circuit should entail and how to execute it safely and efficiently.

If any community members currently circuit train, I encourage you to comment below with your wisdoms!

Ps. Remember to contact the Physical Activity Line at 8-1-1 if you have any questions or can't wait till next week to learn more about circuit training.

Keep Positive, Keep Smiling, Keep MOVING!

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Comments (4)


Posted on Monday November 28, 2011 a 6:56pm

Interesting blog!


Posted on Monday November 28, 2011 a 10:28pm

Great idea for a blog and I have some questions already! But I will wait for the next couple of blogs to see if my questions on circuit training is answered :)


Posted on Friday December 2, 2011 a 2:45pm

I just joined Curves! I've been able to fit in three visits AND a zumba circuit class this week alone! 30 minutes feels like more than enough1

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HealthyFamilies BC

Posted on Friday December 9, 2011 a 5:23pm

Dear CarysAdams3, Rose77, and Brianne_Sheppard,

I wanted to thank you very much for reading the blog and providing great comments!

CaryAdams3, I am so glad you found it interesting and I truly hope you can implement some of this advice into your training!

Rose77, I hope you have had your questions answered with part 2 of this series. Rose, by reading your comment in part two it surely does seem as you are now gearing up to be more prepaired for your workouts! Way to go!

Brianne_Sheppard, I wanted to take this opportunity to give you a MASSIVE HIGH FIVE through the internet! Way to go! So pleased to see that you have TAKEN ACTION! Keep up the amazingness!

Thank you all for your great feedback and REMEMBER: Keep Positive, Keep Smiling, and KEEP MOVING!


Marc Faktor.


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