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Choose Your Activity, Prevent Injury, Stay Active and Safe, and Have Fun!

May 15, 2018 by HealthyFamilies BC

Choose your activity, prevent injury, stay active and safe, and have fun!

Summer is coming, temperatures are rising and the days are getting longer. How do you stay active?

Maybe you play a team sport, such as soccer or football. Or perhaps you like to go for a jog in the park, go kayaking on the lake, or play squash at your local community centre.

Whatever activity you choose, staying active is important, especially for growing children and youth. But even though we try our best to avoid getting hurt, injuries can still happen.

On average, more than 900 BC kids and teens are hospitalized for sport-related injuries each year, and many of these injuries occur during the summer months. Most sports injuries are minor, but more serious injuries, such as concussions or ligament tears, can stop us from playing our favourite sport or activity.

The good news is that you can learn how to reduce your risk of injuries. Injuries vary depending on the sport or activity, but being aware of common injuries, risk factors, and prevention strategies can reduce your risk of injury.

Remember these tips the next time you pick up that racket, lace up those cleats, or put on your skates:

  • Awareness: Be aware of your physical abilities and fitness level before starting any new activity.
  • Learn the Rules: Know the rules and gameplay.
  • Suit Up: Studies show that wearing the right equipment can reduce your risk of injury.
  • Warm-Up: Proper warm-up exercises can reduce your risk of injury.
  • Listen to Your Body: Your body can give you clues about possible injury—be aware of ongoing or worsening pain, and take time to rest.
  • Teach Others: Promote a culture of safety and support a positive environment for reporting injuries and getting treatment.

A new website is available for you to learn how you can prevent injuries. Active & Safe Central has information on preventing injuries in over 50 popular sports and recreational activities. Information is available for people interested in sports and recreational activity, and the people around them who support sport and recreation—coaches, officials, teachers, parents, and health professionals.

Stay active, stay safe, and most of all—have fun!

Learn more at

Authors: Dr. Ian Pike and Dr. Shelina Babul
Author Bios:
Ian Pike is the Director of the BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit (BCIRPU) at the research institute at BC Children’s Hospital, and Professor at UBC’s Department of Pediatrics. Ian has over 30 years of experience in injury prevention and encouraging healthy lifestyles, and is a well-known expert on keeping kids and adults safe.

Shelina Babul is the Associate Director and Sports Injury Specialist for the BCIRPU, and Clinical Associate Professor at UBC’s Department of Pediatrics. Shelina has been involved in injury prevention for 20 years and is recognized nationally as an expert on concussion, having created the Concussion Awareness Training Tool (or CATT). Over 35,000 parents, coaches, teachers, and medical professionals have completed the CATT training since 2014. Ian and Shelina are both passionate about sports and staying active and healthy.



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