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Changing Physical Activity Habits

There are a lot of motivating reasons to be physically active. For me, it’s a time I spend with friends who share similar interests, the feeling of increasing my fitness level, and it allows me that mental break from the day. Everyone is different in what motivates them; it’s about finding what works for you!

So how do you make a change to be more active? One tool that can help is a decision balance analysis. This is about writing down the benefits and costs of both changing and not changing your physical activity habits. Below is an example of a decision balance I wrote. Keep in mind that your reasons might be completely different.

Your turn! Pick up a pen, grab some paper and create your own decision balance. After going through this process, you’ll be more aware of how being physically active benefits you and of the barriers that may be preventing you.

PAL pro-tip: You can give more importance to certain aspects that are important to you by highlighting them.

Changing your physical activity habits can be a challenge but you do not have to do it on your own. There’s always support: the Physical Activity Line can help you find motivation and work through your barriers (1-877-725-1149).

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