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Cake for Dinner

January 17, 2013 by HealthyFamilies BC

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Today’s guest blogger is Jo Jo Wang, a HealthLink BC dietitian.

Jo Jo’s favourite thing to do is baking and sharing the treats with her friends and family.

I love cooking shows. I especially like the traditional kind in which the host shows you how to cook a dish from start to finish. I find them very inspirational and there are always tips to learn.

I recently watched a cooking show where the host created a classic burger and fries meal using dessert elements: a chocolate brownie as the beef patty, a dome shaped vanilla cake as the bun, pound cake cut into fry-like shapes and strawberry coulis as ketchup. Granted, neither the dessert "hamburger" nor its original inspiration - burger and fries - make up a healthy meal for everyday fare. But it gave me a cool idea to surprise my friend who, unlike me, doesn’t care for sweet treats. For his birthday, why not turn a "birthday cake" into a main course!

Here's how I did it:

  • Bake two meatloaves in round cake pans and make some fluffy mashed potatoes
  • Stack the meatloaves with mashed potato in between, just like making a cake with icing
  • Use the mashed potato as “icing” to cover and decorate the "cake"
  • You can even take advantage of orange or purple mashed sweet potatoes to add color. Or just use ketchup and mustard to add accents

Voila... there you have it, a meatloaf cake!

I brought the “cake” to my friend’s birthday party. He was skeptical when I said we had to cut the cake before dinner. I could tell that he wasn’t pleased to see such a big cake. As he reluctantly cut into it, he was shocked and thrilled to find out there was actual meat inside the cake! It turned out there wasn’t enough “cake” to feed the crowd, as everyone was so stunned by it they had to have a piece to believe it.

Playing with food is fun.Whether it’s a dessert burger or a meatloaf cake, spaghetti pie or cucumber beet sorbet, there’s always something exciting in the unexpected. 

Have you been playing with your food lately?

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