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Bring Back Play. Continuing to Inspire

November 14, 2013 by HealthyFamiliesBC

As a kid, playing outside after school was a given.

In the summer we'd bike around the neighbourhood until dark, and in the winter it was pickup road hockey games. So, does it surprise you that 63% of children are inactive during their weeknights and weekends?

Factors such as screen time (computer, TV, game consoles), safety concerns, and busy schedules have all contributed to decreasing amounts of active play.Therefore, there’s now an increased emphasis on getting kids moving again!

In British Columbia, the Bring Back Play campaign has been very successful over the past year, and is still going strong. You may have seen the Bring Back Play Funmobile in your neighbourhood reminding us how much fun we can have with a skipping rope, or perhaps the Bring Back Play app has found its way onto your smartphone reminding you how to play Marco Polo.

If you’re looking for that extra motivation, there’s now over 1800 stories shared on the ParticipACTION Wall of Inspiration; congratulations! 

As we work together to bring back play, remember:

  • Children need active play every day. This ranges from exploring local playgrounds to soccer games to playing with the dog.
  • Active play promotes health, social skills, and academic success.
  • Kids LIKE being active!!!

Active play is a natural and necessary part of a child’s growth and development. We know that getting your kids moving is not always easy, that’s why the Physical Activity Line is here and can provide you FREE one-on-one physical activity information. So give the PAL a call at 1-877-725-1149.

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