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Best Food and Drinks for Hydration

Best food and drinks to stay hydrated

Good hydration helps you feel energetic and alert. Staying hydrated can also help prevent heatstroke, muscle cramps and dehydration, plus it helps keeps your digestive system working well. Drinking fluids is the main way to stay hydrated. Fluids include water, milk, juice, broth, soups, coffee and tea. But did you know that solid foods provide about 20-30 per cent of your daily water intake while the remaining 70-80 per cent come from fluids?

The colour and quantity of your urine is a good way to tell if you’re hydrated. Drink enough fluids so that your urine is light – think the colour of lemonade – and plentiful. Water is the best choice to satisfy thirst. Remember that things like your activity level, stage in life (like during pregnancy and when breastfeeding), medical conditions and the temperature will all affect your hydration needs. Signs of mild dehydration include thirst, headache, weakness, dizziness and feeling tired.

Here are some tips to jazz up your fluid intake:

  • Add fruit, veggies and herbs to your water for a few hours or overnight, try:
    • Sliced cucumber and fresh mint
    • Sliced strawberry and kiwi
    • Brewed green tea and fresh mint
    • Frozen raspberries and blueberries
  • Combine still water with sparkling water to give it some fizz
  • Brew and chill unsweetened herbal tea (try passion fruit, peach, raspberry or lavender) or green tea
  • Make ice cubes with frozen fruits (such as frozen peaches or berries) or pureed frozen fruits to act as ice cubes
  • Keep a pitcher or reusable bottles filled with water in the fridge. Place it at eye level for an easy grab and go option.
  • Give these soup recipes a try: tortilla soup or turkey tortellini soup. Check out Kitchen Sink Soup for more ideas.

Remember, most sugary drinks provide little or no nutrition and take the place of healthier choices like water and milk. Sipping on sugary drinks throughout the day can harm your teeth leading to cavities or pain and the excess calories can lead to weight gain. Check out Healthy Drink Choices for more ideas.

Bite into these foods that have a high water content:

What are some ways you stay hydrated? Comment below.

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