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Barriers to Physical Activity

August 15, 2011 by Marc Faktor, Certified Exercise Physiologist

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Hello Everyone! I would like to start off by thanking the Healthy Families BC team for bringing me onboard. I look forward to working together to help British Columbians increase their health through physical activity education, motivation and positive reinforcement.

I thought that it would be helpful to start the first blog series with a focus on "Overcoming Barriers to Physical Activity". The goals of the next couple of postings will be to:

  • Outline the most common barriers people face when trying to add activity into their daily lives
  • Create conversation by inviting readers (yup that's you) to share their personal barriers to activity
  • Provide a variety of tips, tricks & strategies to help overcome these barriers
  • Stimulate conversation between readers to allow everyone to learn from each other's successes (Note: everyone is different, with differing knowledge, skills, interests and free time so we can learn a lot from each other!).

So what are the most common barriers (sometimes excuses) to physical activity and healthy living pursuits that healthy living experts encounter on a daily basis?

  • Not enough TIME in the day to fit activity into my busy and demanding schedule
  • Lack of ENERGY
  • No MONEY
  • No SUPPORT from friends and family
  • Lack of reliable information for safe and optimal physical activity
  • Bad weather

I encourage you to post your current barriers to physical activity. I will then use these responses to target the next couple of blog postings to help you overcome the most common barriers as well as your own.

Keep Positive, Keep Smiling and KEEP MOVING!

For more information on Barriers to Physical Activity or to speak to an exercise physiologist, please contact the Physical Activity Line.

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Comments (3)


Posted on Tuesday August 16, 2011 a 7:47am

I have two very active kids and after work and on weekends I spend most of my time taking them to their practice or games which leaves me little time to do my own workout. Also, I would love to use the hour I have for lunch to do something active but can't seem to get motivated as I rather use this time to sit, eat lunch and relax before I have to get back to the rest of my busy workday.

cpetelski's picture

HealthyFamilies BC

Posted on Thursday August 18, 2011 a 7:30am

I would like to start off by congratulating on making the effort to keep your kids active by enrolling them in these extracurricular activities. I can ensure you that this is providing them with a solid physical and mental foundation which in turn should positively assist them with active living pursuits throughout life. Keep this up! Please check my next couple comments and blogs for solutions to these questions. Keep Positive, Keep Smiling, and Keep MOVING! Sincerely, Marc Faktor | CSEP Certified Exercise Physiologist with Physical Activity Line

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HealthyFamilies BC

Posted on Thursday August 18, 2011 a 7:37am

Suggestions for Combating Soccer Parent Syndrome Parents usually take their children to sports, then spend their time mingling, snacking, and supporting. It's rare that parents utilize the readily available social supports (i.e., other parents!) and sporting facilities (e.g., soccer fields, hockey arenas) to encourage activity. Suggestions: A) Discuss your situation with other parents. Indicate your motivation to increase your physical activity. B) Suggest to start a walking, running, or variable exercise group during the sport for those interested. C) Ensure everyone is ready and able to start increasing their activity. Contact the PAL for screening if needed. D) Call PAL (1-877-725-1149) for advice and fun exercises one can do while on the sidelines. E) Exercise for half of the game and enjoy the last half with no regrets! F) If time is limited (e.g. other kids to pick up), even 5-10 minutes will be beneficial! Check out this new research, Stay Tuned! Marc Faktor | CSEP Certified Exercise Physiologist with the Physical Activity Line


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