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Athlete or inspired by the Summer Olympics!

Athlete or inspired by the Summer Olympics!

The Olympics is in full swing and an entire planet has come together to share the joy, excitement and inspiration. Instead of focusing on back to school stuff, I thought it would be exciting to keep the Olympic torch burning and discuss some creative ways for non-athletes and families to benefit from the games.

 Here are some creative tips to inspire a generation while increasing activity levels!

 1. Do it for yourself and your loved ones.

  • Do not care about what others think you look like when participating in an activity & or sports. This keeps you from having fun, makes the experience stressful and usually results in drop out. As soon as you have intrinsic motivation (doing something for an internal reason) you’re well on your way to sustaining the behaviour change!

2. Try playing sports that interest you and your children the most!

  • Go through a list of the sporting events with your family and rank the top 2-3 interesting or fun sports.
  • Make an effort to do some research on those sports with your kids, learn the rules and know what type of equipment or space is required to do the sport.
  • Go to your local used sporting goods store to see if you can pick up a couple cheap yet safe pieces of equipment.
  • Set a goal to get outside and fool around with your family and friends while pretending to be Olympians competing in the sport.

3. Don't be shy to recruit some better athletes in your social or family circle to help.

  • There is no shame in not having the best skills out there... but it’s a shame to neglect providing opportunities for our children and youth to potentially develop some awesome skills.
  • There is always an activity junky at an arm or two’s length away. Find this person and invite them out to the field, instead of the coffee shop, to catch up and learn a few key elements of the new sports you or your kids would like to engage in.
  • There are also lots of private programs, coaches and public recreation sports programs that assist with sport development!
  • You can also call the Physical Activity Line at 8-1-1 for FREE advice.

These are just a few simple and easy ways to inspire a generation. If you’re looking for more advice, please don’t hesitate to contact the PhysicalActvityLine.

I encourage all readers to share the unique and interesting ways that they were able to start a sport and or help others start.

Keep Positive, Keep Smiling, and KEEP MOVING!

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