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An Active Spring Long Weekend for Kids

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A long weekend full of spring celebrations and eating is upon us.

While for some of us, a family dinner is the main focus during this weekend of celebration, we also need to remember that being active with your family is essential and FUN! It’s encouraging to know that many families across the province will be celebrating together by doing some arts and crafts and fun outdoor games such as scavenger hunts over the weekend. This is awesome!

Here are my ideas on how to make a scavenger hunt even more physically active for kids:

  • Aside from running around from clue to clue...I thought it would be interesting for parents to include “activity challenges” or incorporate some fun “active play challenges” as part of the hunt
    • Download the Bring Back Play Mobile App and set up “Active Play” stations for your kids to complete in order to receive a clue 
    • Have your kids do a mini circuit in order to get a clue 
      • e.g. push-ups, jumping jacks, 100 m sprint x 2 (back and forth)
  • Use the physical activity guidelines for youth to generate questions and clues. Download the guidelines here. This will help educate your kids 
  • Call the Physical Activity Line for further suggestions or resources

These ideas are just a start. I encourage you to share your ideas with the community to inspire others to take action.

Keep positive, Keep Smiling, and Keep MOVING!

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