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The 2014 BC Seniors Games are on!

September 11, 2014 by Normand Richard, Certified Exercise Physiologist

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Today’s older adults are an active bunch; participating in activities like walking, kayaking, and gardening as well as competitive sports like track and field and swimming. The BC Seniors Games (September 9-13) is a perfect example that a love of physical activity and the associated benefits can extend well into your 60s, 70s and 80s!The Games feature 26 sports, including traditional events like hockey as well as less frequently seen (but equally as exciting) sports like floor-curling and pickle-ball! Events are broken up in age categories, and some have both “competitive” and “novice” levels.

Staying active keeps you strong and helps maintain health and independence as you age. Get inspired by the BC Seniors Games and find ways to be more active in your daily life. Use this guide to get started, or try:

Now that you know about the BC Seniors Games, here are 3 ways to show your support:

  1. Spread the word. Tell your friends about the event – invite them to join your team if you’re participating or encourage them to form their own team or go solo in an individual event for future Games.
  2. Lend a hand. Every big sporting event relies heavily on community support and volunteers (secret heroes as I like to call them!). If you haven’t had the chance to help out this year, there’s always 2015! Helping any way you can goes a long way in keeping events like this running for years to come.
  3. Go spectate. Maybe you’ve a friend, parent, or grandparent participating – be their cheering squad! Bring pompoms, make posters, and take pictures; we want to see them. Share photos with us on Facebook or send us a tweet @HealthyFamilyBC and @TeamPAL and we’ll make sure to re-tweet and reply back!

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